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Koh Kong Province, Koh Kong Travel Guide, Transportation in Koh Kong, Koh Kong Information

Monday, 10 January 2011 05:09 administrator
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Koh Kong Province

Koh Kong is a unique province, situated in the South-West of Cambodia. 'Koh' means 'island' in Khmer, and much of the province consists of tiny islands, divided by water from the Gulf of Thailand.

When speaking of Koh Kong, one refers to two parts - the mainland portion accessible from Phnom Penh by car, and the island accessible by boat from Sre Ambel Town in the North or Sihanoukville Town in the South - it takes four hours from both cities to reach the provincial capital in the middle. (Actually, when driving to Sihanoukville from Phnom Penh on road #4, one passes through the mainland portion of Koh Kong).

Though still an isolated, remote corner of Cambodia, Koh Kong is beginning to see more backpacker traffic, as many tourists are now crossing the border into and out of Thailand here, traveling from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville, catching the boat to Koh Kong, crossing the border and then traveling to Bangkok by road. This land and water trip from Phnom Penh to Bangkok can be done in one day.

The island is only 80 km away from Thailand's island Koh Chang. This part of Cambodia is still relatively undeveloped for tourism but the potential is enormous. Koh Kong Island off the coast is an undiscovered paradise and the Government of Cambodia hopes to build infrastructure to attract overseas tourists in the future. There are flights from Phnom Penh and boats from Kampong Som.

Most travelers see Koh Kong City only briefly as they pass through town on their way to or from the Thai border crossing, but that is gradually changing. Koh Kong Province is only just being discovered as a destination in itself, largely unexplored and offering a wealth of eco-tourism, adventure and beach hopping possibilities, and Koh Kong City is the most convenient base from which to explore the province. The City sits on Kah Bpow River about 10km from the Thai border and is both a sleepy provincial capital and a bustling border town. There is an international hotel and casino on the border and the main town area boasts a number of budget guesthouses and mid-range hotels as well as a few western managed restaurants and bars.


The province is subdivided into 8 districts.
  • 0901 Botum Sakor
  • 0902 Kiri Sakor
  • 0903 Kaoh Kong
  • 0904 Smach Mean Chey
  • 0905 Mondol Seima
  • 0906 Srae Ambel
  • 0907 Thma Bang
  • 0908 Kampong Seila

The country has a tropical climate - warm and humid. In the monsoon season, abundant rain allows for the cultivation of a wide variety of crops. This year-round tropical climate makes Cambodia ideal for developing tourism. Travellers need not to fear natural disasters such as erupting volcanoes or earthquakes, and the country is not directly affected by tropical storms.

Climate: Cambodia can be visited throughout the year. However, those plans to travel extensively by road should be avoided the last two months of the rainy season when some countryside roads may be impassable. The average temperature is about 27 degrees Celsius; the minimum temperature is about 16 degrees. December and January are the coolest months, whereas the hottest is April.

General information about the provincial climate:

- Cool season: November- March (17-27c)
- Hot season: March- May (29c -38c)
- Rainy season: May - October (27-35c, with humidity up to 90%.)

Cardamom Mountain trek :
A trek through the Cardamoms with a specialist local guide, to give you the best chance of glimpsing the rare wildlife in this area, including over 60 globally threatened animal species, including the last known populations of the (mountain) Siamese crocodiles. It is likely that many species are yet to be discovered.
Cardamom Mountains & Tatai:
Departing from Sihanoukville, we journey through the mountain and jungles of Koh Kong, taking a boat on the Tatai river to see the waterfalls, and possibly swim, amid the stunning setting of the South Cardamom Mountains, returning to your accommodation on the river itself.
Chi Pat Community:
Watch the sun rise from the jungle, or from a kayak, before traveling down the Tatai river to Chi Pat, home of a community-run eco-tourism initiative. A relaxed afternoon with a short walk to one of the local waterfalls, and jungle with local guides.
Koh Kong Safari Word
Lions, and Tiger, and Bears and crocodiles and monkeys and waterskiing

Koh Kong Trips


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