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Business Reg. Name  LA ROUTE ANGKOR
Business Reg. No # Co. 4267/09I
Cambodia Tourism Authority (Allied Member ID No: #280-10


Dear valued partners and clients,

Cambodia which we known as the Kingdom of Wonders have diversities of cultural heritages, particularly the world renowned Angkor Wat, whose magical image draw ever-increasingly visitors from all over the world. Not only Angkor Wat, the ancient temples city, as part of cultural tour, that Cambodia is proud of her presentation, but also to untouched destination of  Rattanakiri where you can find 20 different ethnic minorities and virgin forests, and Sihanoukville with its beautiful golden beaches, tropical islands.

The heart of Phnom Penh, where you can stop over and visit the Royal Palace, National museum, Killing fields, bustling markets and Mekong Island.

No doubt Cambodia is a topic of new destination attracting endless arrivals of tourists for visiting her enchanting land. As a result, infrastructures have been put up to offer a various services to meet demands, which include the expansion of Phnom Penh International airport, Siem Reap International airport and the new Sihanoukville airport (Keng Kang airport).

New destinations have been set up to welcome all visitors to enjoy the variety of tourism products in one Country. Community based tourism, new adventure route have made the northern part of Mekong River in Cambodia to be the most visited destination soon. Traveling from Laos border to Cambodia side by boat made an unforgettable experiences.

The attend of Cambodia in ASEAN have made our tourism industry expand further in the region and beyond, since political and economic reforms allows our home people to open its gate even wider with the open sky policy. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you and making your holiday with a great experience as never before. "Begin with La Route Angkor, begin with your amazing voyage"


Yours Sincerely


Managing Director



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