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Everyone is invited! Although college students often participate in our study tours, we have enjoyed the participation of community members, family and friends from age 15 to 82.

We request that you seek the permission of the tour leader for unaccompanied learners under 18 or if you are bringing children under age 10.

A study tour is a travel experience with specific learning goals. The learning goals of each study tour vary, but are always spelled out in the course syllabus that is distributed to each learner.

Study tours emphasize experiential learning and offer both group and self-directed activities that enable learners to explore new territories, cultures and people.


Study tours program are designed to be both fun and educational means group study tour programs offer the ideal mix of academic excellence while enjoying the cultural benefits of various countries renowned for education, food and wine, art and festivals of the areas that they visit.

The program is tailored to each group's specific needs and are usually of three to four days duration for local, and one to two weeks
duration for abroad, but may be reduced or extended according to the requirements of the group. Some groups select academic sessions in local and cultural activities at abroad.


Safety and finance security of travelling with one of our groups ?

» Usually, you can get a better value for the whole package that you can by traveling on your own ( or even with another group )
» You don't have to worry about driving in strange territory with unfamiliar customs or when you are tired
» No worries or hassles about where to stay, how to get there or even checking in
» Access to your professional guide and/or LRA escort for help and advice
» Itineraries designed to maximize your overall experience and budget plan